Thursday, November 19, 2009

8th Grade Student Council - Running For President?

Currently I am in 7th grade and the school year will soon be dieing down. Earlier this year our school ran elections for student council members and after seeing that they aren't doing anything to change our school it made me want to participate in next years election. I currently have a student council director as n elective teacher, she knows I am interested and that I have the grades to do it. I am pretty sure I will make it in next year for student council, you need two teacher recommendations and I already have planned four.

I really want to be president. Even if I don't make it I know I will still be able to help out, but I think my voice will be hear more if I am the student body president. I have already raised concerns with some things around my school, things that can be changed for the students without being immature. I am not that popular, but already received support from popular kids.

Can anyone give me ideas to make a successful campaign?

8th Grade Student Council - Running For President?
Well of course, ADVERTISE! If you are allowed to put up posters deffently follow these guidelines!- Make sure the poster is white, DO NOT just use colored pencils. Make it red white and blue. Put a good headshot of yourself and a catchy slogan (do something 8th graders can relate to, not something all professional like) Make you name BIG and BOLD, ysing red block letters with a blue outline.

If you have large printing capabilites make full page flyers in color with a picture of yourself your name and the date of the election.

Make promis sheets. On the computer make sheets with all the issues you will fight for.

Make yourself convencig and show that you are confident and have the voter's trust.

Reply:well i am a populer kid at my school and i am like a mobster i think that you sould run a campan and get voters. that way you all ready have ground to stand on. You allsow sould go to the geeks, comedeans, and populer people to vote for you and tell them to tell others and soon you will have lots of votes.
Reply:If you've never been in Student Council don't run for President. Especially if you haven't been an officer before either. People HATE that. Run for a lower office and do the same things you've already planned.
Reply:Get lots of posters and make up catchy slogans having to do with your name and what you plan on doing. Last year a girl running made a giant poster by the locker rooms that said, "don't be zainy, vote 4 laney." Also, dont make your slogans too long or else nobody will take the time to read them. A Vote for Dylan is a vote for better lunches. Something like that. Whatever youe want to change should be something like that. You should even hand out fliers that explain what it is you would like to help for the school. And most of all, be understanding....if you have some sort of school debate on election day then you should let people from the audience give you information on what they want at the school. Be honest...if you know there is no way what they want will happen tell them in a kind way by saying something like, " I know that no homework is great but if I am elected I still don't have the power to do that. Sorry, but that is up to the teachers and principal. But, I will do all that I can to try to get less work for us."

I hope that this helps you win your election! Good luck and try the tips I gave you...they work!!!!! I have been elected president and I am not that popular either!

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